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SLAM autour de la thématique : "GENDER EQUALITY"

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Le mois de mars, mois symbolique des droits de la femme a été une période riche en partages, émotions et témoignages. C’est dans ce même esprit que les élèves de la classe de 1ere G6 s’est investie dans la création d’un SLAM autour de la thématique : "GENDER EQUALITY".
En voici quelques exemples…


Two feet, two legs, one head
Two hands, two eyes, one heart
I walk, I talk, I eat
I breath, I cry, I sleep

I have everything like you

I have wanted to tell you many times
But you made me doubt about who I am
I tried desperately to let you know
But I claim the rights that you have deprived me off, right now

Because I have everything like you
To prove it to you, I will fight
Even if it takes days or nights
I will show all men
That I am no longer a child but a woman

And then, you won’t forget that I have everything like you

Adrien 1ère G6


Hi girl !
Let me tell you something
Don’t worry, No don’t worry
Because deep down inside
You are brave and smart
If you were told before that you were not strong,
Don’t think about it anymore, this is what you have been
Do not mind the spiteful tongues
Because girl, you are a queen
It’s easy for them to call you “ugly”
When they are jealous, but you are so pretty
We are believed to be inferior to men
While we are brave women
They believe they can wash our brain
But would they have erased from their mind,
That we gave them life ?!
And that to make them live and found a family
They need a wife
So, don’t worry !

Doryka 1ère G6


Women need to exist
Women are harmonies, beautiful melodies
Who need affection, who need emotion
I wish that women live
I wish that women be strong
I wish that women be a source of inspiration
I wish that women exist

All the time people judge women
All the time women cry
All the time people think that women are objects
Women stand ! Stop to be shy, stop to cry,
Stop to sit down, stop to be quiet !
Stand and demonstrate !
Violence is poison and sadness is venom

Martine 1ère G6


What a woman ?
She is the mother of nature that gives us life
Without her we wouldn’t be here
It’s time to end gender strikes
We talk about equality but let’s not forget the truth :
Women are the source of all lives
For me and you, she is more than just a pretty face
Or a delicate flower. She is a force to be with every single heart.
She is the one that has associated together with love and share
It’s time to witness our power.
It’s time to be a roar
The gender pay gap is still real
But it’s not just about the cash, it’s about respect and dignity
And giving women a chance to be all that they can BE
For any discrimination. It’s time to break down gender barriers
It’s time for liberation ! So, next time you ask what a woman ? …
Remember who she truly is. She is the bare bones of humanity
The one who brings us bliss
Let’s honor and respect her and
Let’s give her the place to thrive
Because when we empower women, we can
​​​​ thrive !

Bel-Dwitchynho 1ère G6


Dear woman,

You are a multitude on earth
You have a place in the society
Wake up, fight !
And let it go anxiety
Don’t let stereotypes get to your head !
Don’t feel persecuted and rebel !
Work, prove and impose yourself !
Don’t really handle the pain
Just be yourself
No one should decide for you
Men have no right over you
You are the half of men and not her rival
They must be like you and don’t let them take the control
You can do it, wake up, fight !
We will arrive and don’t sleep !
You know, have rights and don’t creep
Just remember what you are
Women are born free
And women are equal to men in rights : Article 1 of the Declaration of the rights of women and citizens

Anne-Emmanuelle 1ère G6

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